So much more than a technical service

Our technical knowledge and grasp of the trade are at your service.

Whether optimising your logistics, reducing costs, or better managing your cash flow relating to VAT, customs duties and tax agent services, our consultants provide insight and suggest the most appropriate solutions for your issues.

Authorized customs brokers since 1945

As authorized customs brokers since 1945, we provide guidance for your customs procedures, rooted in thorough knowledge of current regulations.

Our seasoned customs declarants provide support for all types of goods:

  • Regulations and procedures
  • Customs formalities
  • Binding Tariff Information (BTI)
  • Specific procedures
  • Simplified procedures
  • Bonded warehouse management

National centralized customs clearance: a competitive advantage for you!

  • A National procedure that centralizes all customs transactions for both imports and exports
  • Makes it possible to reverse-charge VAT on imports
  • Provides a single office for collecting duties and taxes
  • Save time thanks to centralized customs transactions and information
  • Reverse-charge VAT on imports, upon simple application to customs
  • Optimize cash flow and competitiveness
  • Make port and airport facilities in France more attractive for business
  • Ship at least four imports from a non-EU country, cleared in an EU country, in the twelve months before applying
  • Have a secure records system for customs and tax transactions, so that imports can be traced
  • Demonstrate that no serious or repeated breaches of customs or tax provisions have occurred in the twelve months before applying
  • Demonstrate reasonable financial solvency. This condition is considered proven if the applicant can demonstrate that its financial position allowed it to fulfil all commitments in the twelve months prior to its application

Authorized Economic Operators are considered as already meeting these conditions.

Maison JAMEIN’s customs guidance team supports you in setting up this procedure.

Please don’t hesitate to call on us. We will be happy to put our expertise and knowledge of customs administration to work for you.

Please don't hesitate to consult us. We will quickly answer your queries.